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Group tours

Discover Vienna's hidden treasures and the picturesque beauty of the Wachau Valley with Vienna Explorer on our professionally guided tours, combining history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, and explore the best tours in the city that unveil the captivating stories behind Vienna's iconic landmarks and the serene charm of the Wachau's vineyard-clad hills.

Bike Rental Expert

Explore the fascinating cities of Vienna, Krems, and Budapest by bike with Vienna Explorer's bike rental, and experience an unforgettable journey through the beauty and culture of Central Europe.

Danube Bike Trail - Euro Velo 6

Discover the picturesque landscapes along the EuroVelo 6 with Vienna Explorer, a unique bicycle route that takes you through the heart of Europe.

Tours - Vienna & Wachau Valley

Join Vienna Explorer's guided tours to experience the enchanting blend of Vienna's rich cultural heritage and the picturesque beauty of the Wachau Valley, all brought to life by our expert guides.

Private Tours - Vienna & Wachau Valley

Experience Vienna like never before with Vienna Explorer's private tours, offering personalized and intimate explorations tailored just for you. Dive deep into the city's rich history, culture, and landscapes at your own pace, guided by our expert locals who bring the magic of Vienna to life exclusively for you.

Bike Rental

Experience Vienna in a very special way with high-quality bicycles from Vienna Explorer – your ideal partner for unforgettable experiences through the city!

  • Trekking E-bike KTM Tour P610 Macina

    • Bike brand: KTM Tour P610 Macina
    • Gears: 10 / Battery: 625W
    • Height range: 155cm - 200cm
    • Frame: Low entrance
    Perfect for: Bike trips along the Danube


    4-8 Hours: €44
    24 Hours: €55
  • Touring Bike KTM Life Conquest

    • Bike brand: 2021 KTM Life Conquest
    • Gears: 30
    • Height range: 155cm - 200cm
    • Frame: Low entrance, Unisex, Male
    Perfect for: Day Trip along the Danube, we also use these bikes for our multi-day trips on the Danube Bike Trail


    4-8 Hours: €26
    24 Hours: €31
  • City Bike

    • Bike brand: Arcade
    • Gears: 3
    • Height range: 155cm - 200cm
    • Frame: Low entrance
    Perfect for: Riding around Vienna


    4-8 Hours: €20
    24 Hours: €25

Danube Bike Trail - Passau, Vienna & Budapest

Experience an unparalleled cycling journey with Vienna Explorer's EuroVelo 6 packages, taking you from Passau through Vienna to Budapest, letting you discover the picturesque diversity of Central Europe on wheels.

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