• Bike rental in Vienna

    Touring bike for Danube Bike Trail

    Our KTM touring bikes are perfect for the Danube bike trail or a day trips from Vienna. These quality bikes (KTM Life Time or Fun / 24 gears / puncture proof tyres) are available in 4 different sizes and frame shapes!


    24 Hours: €28
    2 Days: €48
    3 Days: €74
    4 Days: €86
    5 Days: €98
    6-7 Days: €110
    Additional Days: €10
  • Electric bike for rent in Vienna

    Electric Bikes

    Our new E-Bikes (Brand: KTM Amparo 8 / 7 Speed / Battery: 100-120 km) are the best bikes for touring in Vienna, short trips along the famous Danube Trail to Tulln, Krems, Melk and Bratislava. Also perfect for the outer areas in Vienna such as Kahlenberg, Klosterneuberg or a multiday trip to Budapest or Passau!


    24 Hours: €35
    2 Days: €62
    3 Days: €89
    4 Days: €116
    5 Days: €143
    6-7 Days: €170
    Additional Days: €27
  • Electric Fatbikes

    Yes, our brand new electric Fatbikes (Brand: Fantic / 8 gears / Battery: 150 km) are awesome and perfect for cruising around Vienna! Ride the Danube Island, cruise the canals or climb to the top of Kahlenberg to check out the famous viewpoint.


    1-4 Hours: €27
    4-8 Hours: €35
  • City bike for rent in Vienna

    Vienna City Bikes

    Our City Bikes (7-8 Speed) are the best bikes to explore Vienna. All bikes have an easy to use gear system and puncture proof tyres.


    Per Hour: €5
    1-4 Hours: €15
    4-8 Hours: €19
    24 Hours: €24
    2 Days: €37
    3 Days: €54
    4 Days: €70
    5 Days: €85
    6-7 Days: €95
    Additional Days: €10
  • city bike to rent in Vienna

    Vienna Day Cruisers

    Our Green Electra Cruisers are perfect for a day of cycling around Vienna and discovering this beautiful city. The cruisers are super comfy and easy to ride (3 gears) in Vienna, which is relatively flat and easy to get around.


    Per Hour: €5
    1-4 Hours: €12
    4-8 Hours: €15


Child’s Seats and more…

For infants and also younger children who are unable to ride a bike unassisted, we provide baby seats and also a Tag-Along option for ages between 3-6 year old depending upon their height.

Our Child’s Seats and Tag-Alongs can only be fixed to the City Bike, which needs to be considered when deciding upon which bike is best for the Adult.

Also, it is important to note that any child under 15 years of age must wear a helmet. We provide this free of charge for children.

  • Child’s Seat 5€ per day
  • Tag-Along 10€ per day
  • Trailer 15€ per day

Equipment & Extras

  • Helmet: 3 € per day (max 10 € for more than 3 days)
  • 28L 15 € per rental period, standard set of rear panniers
  • 40L 25 € per rental period, Ortlieb Waterproof set of rear panniers
  • Child seat: 5 € per day
  • bikeline-cycling guide (from Vienna to Budapest, from Passau to Vienna): 5 € per rental period

Helmet: Complimentary for children under 12