Our City Bikes (7-8 Speed) are the best bikes to explore Vienna. All bikes have an easy to use gear system and puncture proof tyres.

The rental includes one of our fabulous stylish City Bikes, a bike lock and a bike map of Vienna with tour recommendations.


1-4 Hours: €15
4-8 Hours: €19
24 Hours: €24
2 Days: €37
3 Days: €54
4 Days: €70
5 Days: €85
6-7 Days: €95
Additional Days: €10

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Electric Mountainbikes

Yes, our brand new electric Fatbikes (Brand: Fantic / 8 gears / Battery: 150 km) are awesome and perfect for cruising around Vienna! Ride the Danube Island, cruise the canals or climb to the top of Kahlenberg to check out the famous viewpoint.

€27/1-4h View Details