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There’s much more to Vienna than museums, churches or baroque palaces! Vienna is an incredibly diverse city, and this tour offers an alternative and adventurous way to discover the spectacular green landscapes that sit directly at its doorstep. Our super comfortable E-bikes with extra FAT tyres will make the rather steep climb through the vineyards to the highest hill in Vienna, fun and relaxing. On our downhill ride, we’ll go through the little village of Nussdorf, onto the banks of the majestic River Danube and Vienna’s most popular recreation area – the Danube Island. Time for a traditional snack of Bratwurst and a ‘Radler’, and perhaps a sneaky swim in the Danube, before finishing up an amazing ride through Vienna’s biggest park, the Prater.




  • Electric bikes in Vienna vineyards
  • guide shows groups UNO city at Danube Island
  • bike parked in front of Rathaus at night
  • Fatbike in fron of Opera house

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